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Who Are the Walden Bros?

Hey guys! Before we tell you about us, we want to let you know that above all we appreciate you deciding to visit our store and site. If you never buy one piece of merchandise from us we appreciate you! 

Now. Who are the Walden Bro's? We are small town boys with aspirations that exceed the small town we live in. We will always love and appreciate the lessons learned in our small town but we want to make something larger than most of our customers could ever imagine. 

Walden Bro #1 (Trevor Walden): Trevor is a goofball in not so many words. An athlete from the age of infancy and now a college football dropout who is finishing his Bachelors Degree in Health Science. Trevor is the head designer and half owner of Walden Bro's. 

Walden Bro #2 (Trent Walden): Trent is an odd guy who is at times hard to read. A person who is not the most athletic but if need be he will put you down. Do not ever mess with his chihuahua Scrappy otherwise you will suffer the circumstances. Trent has set the goals and aspirations for Walden Bro's and is determined to grow from just a merchandise brand to a worldwide brand that works in multiple fields of consumption. 

Once again, we appreciate and love every one of you who have taken your time to give us a look. With that being said, go grab a piece of Walden Bro's merch. We know you want to. 

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