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Is there a minimum?
No Walden Bros offers no minimum, we will make you a single shirt or hoodie.

What can you print on?

Walden Bros can print on 100% polyester garmentS, 50 cotton/50 poly garments, and 100% cotton garments.

How many colors can one print have?

You can have as many colors on a design as you want.

How does Walden Bros print?

We have two main types of printing, the first type is called laser printing. Laser printing uses toner to create the prints we put on shirts. Laser printing looks and feels a lot like screen printing. The second type of printing we do is called sublimation printing. Sublimation printing dyes the fabric of whatever you are sublimating on. When a shirt gets sublimated you can’t feel any difference.

How many washes are your shirts and hoodies good for?

The custom shirts and hoodies we make are rated for 40-60 washes, which is standard for most printing methods.